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See the amazing results of pulsed dye laser treatment by New York's most experienced wart Podiatrist. Dr. Meisler has treated thousands of patients with warts and is the most experienced practitioner at using the pulse dye laser in the country. He receives referrals from hundreds of other physicians and has treated more than 40,000 patients.


Patients who are resistant to Liquid Nitrogen, topical acids, and other modalities typically respond well to the pulsed dye laser. Dr. Meisler is one of the only doctors who uses the Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment as part of the intial treatment for warts. It is well tolerated by almost all adults and many children. After "cure," patients return to their doctors for follow-up care.

Dr. Meisler has successfully treated patients with little or no scarring. We are "in network" for most insurance companies. Patients are only responsible for their co-payments.


David Laurance, DPM, Riverdale, NY
"More than 90% of the time I can get rid of warts, but for those very difficult cases I refer them to Dr. Meisler and he resolves them with his pulsed dye laser."

Shera Aranoff, M.D., Dermatologist, NY, NY

"I have found that Dr. Meisler is skilled at eradicating resistant plantar warts."

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It is important to note that warts can be very resistant to treatment and have a tendency to reoccur. Over-the-counter foot wart treatments are usually ineffective because their use can inadvertently destroy surrounding healthy tissue. Please contact our office for help in effectively treating warts. Our New York City office is expert in recommending the best wart  treatment for each patient, ranging from prescription ointments or medications to, in the most severe cases, laser cautery.