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By Kenneth R. Meisler, D.P.M., P.L.L.C. & Associates
August 23, 2021
Category: Podiatry
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How your podiatrists in New York, NY, can help you deal with toenail fungus

Toenail fungus can be a nasty problem, making it embarrassing for you to take off your shoes. Toenail fungus can also cause long-term issues if left untreated. Fortunately, your podiatrist can help you get rid of toenail fungus for good.

The podiatrists at Dr. Kenneth Meisler & Associates in New York, NY, offer comprehensive foot care services, including treatment of toenail fungus.

You can acquire toenail fungus from walking barefoot in public pool areas, showers, locker rooms, and other areas which remain warm and wet. That’s because the fungus that causes toenail problems thrives in warm, moist environments.

You can protect yourself from toenail fungus by never going barefoot in these areas if possible. You can wear a pair of rubber flip-flops into the shower to keep your feet from contacting the fungus.

If you have toenail fungus and it goes untreated, you may experience:

  • Pain in your feet and toes due to thickened, distorted toenails
  • Spread of the fungus to your skin, causing athlete’s foot
  • Infection of the surrounding areas, causing cracked skin, and increasing bacterial spread
  • Loss of your toenails, either temporarily or permanently

When you have toenail fungus, you can try applying over-the-counter anti-fungal lotions or creams, and thinning and trimming your toenails. For stubborn, moderate to severe toenail fungus, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Prescription-strength topical antifungal treatments to kill the fungus
  • Prescription-strength oral antifungal medications
  • Removing the infected toenail to allow a healthy new toenail to grow
  • Light or laser therapy to eliminate the fungus and prevent it from coming back

You don’t have to suffer from toenail fungus when help is just a phone call away. To learn more about the causes, treatment, and long-term effects of toenail fungus, call the podiatrists of Dr. Kenneth Meisler & Associates in New York, NY, at (212) 628-4444. Call now!