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NYC Heel Pain and Custom Orthotics
By Kenneth R. Meisler, D.P.M., P.L.L.C. & Associates
August 19, 2013
Category: Foot Care

Treat Heel Pain with Orthotics from Your Podiatrist in New York City

Walking and running abnormalities can cause inflammation of the ligaments, tendons, and plantar fasciitis that surround the hind foot, which is a common cause of most heel pain in New York City in adults today.  Dr. Meisler, your podiatrist in New York City, works with each individual patient to find the cause of heel pain so that a proper treatment plan can be created with orthotics or other measures. NYC Heel Pain

Because heel pain can interfere with everyday tasks, it is important to seek treatment from Dr. Meisler, your New York City podiatrist, to relieve the pain.  Heel pain in New York City is an inflammation of the connective tissue called the plantar fascia, which stretches from the base of the toes across the arch of the foot to the point at which it inserts into the heel bone.  Over-pronation is the most common cause of heel pain. This occurs when the foot rolls inward excessively while walking and flattens your foot, lengthens the arch, and places added tension.

If you suffer from heel pain, you might benefit from custom orthotics in New York City. Orthotics fit comfortably into your shoe to provide added support for your feet while standing, walking or running. As a patient in New York City orthotics help to decrease discomfort and improve function in not only the foot, but also in other parts of the body so that everyday tasks are not painful.

Foot pain is never normal and should not be ignored.  When you begin to experience pain in your foot it is important to visit Dr. Ken Meisler, your New York City, NY podiatrist, for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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