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Treating Toenail Fungus
By Dr. Kenneth Meisler and Associates
November 04, 2016
Category: Foot Care
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Nix toenail fungus for good and say goodbye to unsightly yellow toenails.

Even though the cooler weather means that we are packing up those summer flip-flops and once again sporting close-toed shoes it toenail fungusdoesn’t make dealing with an unsightly toenail fungus any easier. A toenail fungus can be unpleasant and difficult to treat. Fortunately, our New York City podiatrists have some options for getting rid of your toenail fungus so you can enjoy clear, healthy-looking toenails when it’s time to actually sport those flip-flops again.

What are the symptoms of a toenail fungus?

You could be dealing with a toenail fungus if your nail is:

  • Thick
  • Crumbling or brittle
  • Dull
  • Misshapen
  • Yellowing or dark in color
  • Painful (if the nail has separated from the nail bed)

How does toenail fungus happen?

As the name already suggests, a fungus known as a dermatophyte is responsible for this infection. Of course, molds and yeasts can also cause nail fungus. Fungi thrive in environments that are warm and moist, like your local community swimming pool or the gym locker room. These fungi can enter your skin through microscopic cuts and infect the nail.

What are my treatment options?

For otherwise healthy individuals who have toenail fungus using over-the-counter medications to target your fungal infection may be all that you need. Of course, if you aren’t finding any relief from your symptoms with at-home treatment, or if you have diabetes, you need to visit our NYC foot doctor right away for care. Sometimes prescription medications are the only way to target a toenail fungus.

Since topical medications don’t penetrate through the nail, it can be challenging to kill the fungal infection this way, which is why we might prescribe oral antifungal medications. You will need to take this medication for several weeks. Even once the infection is gone the nail will still need to grow back fully in order to see that it’s healthy. It can take several months to see results.

Of course, laser treatment has become an increasingly popular way to target and eliminate nail fungus. The laser can safely penetrate the nail to heat up and destroy the fungus. Again, you’ll still have to wait several months for the nail to grow back healthy, but laser fungal treatment can be an amazing treatment option, especially for those with stubborn or chronic toenail fungus.

Don’t let a yellow, crumbling toenail affect how your feet look. Let Dr. Kenneth Meisler & Associates in New York City provide you with the care you deserve to fight pesky toenail fungus for good.