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Treating Your Warts
By Dr. Kenneth Meisler and Associates
January 16, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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How your podiatrists in New York City can help you get rid of wartswarts

Warts are an annoying, all-too-common problem on your feet. They can be unsightly and make it difficult to wear shoes. The good news is there are effective treatments for warts. The podiatrists at Kenneth R. Meisler & Associates in New York City, NY, want to share the facts about warts and wart treatment.

Warts on your feet, known as plantar warts, often appear on your toes, heels, or forefeet. They look like small, rough, elevated growths. Plantar warts are caused by exposure to a virus that enters your skin through cuts, sores, or breaks in your skin.

According to the Mayo Clinic, plantar warts have a few important characteristics:

  • They can cause tenderness and pain when you walk or stand
  • They can look like a callus when the wart has moved inward
  • They can have small black pinpoints which are clotted blood vessels
  • They can cause lesions along the ridges and lines in your feet

You are at increased risk of developing plantar warts if you:

  • Are a child or teenager
  • Have a history of recurring plantar warts
  • Have a weakened immune system
  • Often go barefoot in public areas like pools or locker rooms

Sometimes warts can go away on their own if you use over-the-counter medications, but you may need the services of a podiatrist. The podiatrists at Kenneth R. Meisler & Associates are one of the few specialty offices to offer revolutionary Pulsed Dye Laser treatment to remove warts. The laser uses light and heat energy to safely remove warts.

They also offer conventional methods of wart treatment, including:

  • Liquid nitrogen “freezing” treatment
  • Topical salicylic acid to peel the wart away, layer by layer

If you have annoying, unsightly, uncomfortable plantar warts, it’s time to seek out state-of-the-art wart treatment from your podiatrists at Kenneth R. Meisler & Associates in New York City, NY. You don’t have to live with plantar warts when help is just a phone call away. Call today!