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By Kenneth R. Meisler, D.P.M., P.L.L.C. & Associates
December 30, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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Foot orthotics are inserts placed in the shoe to provide additional cushioning, stability, and support, as well as correct irregular step patterns. By improving stability, alignment, and balance, foot orthotics can alleviate pain in the feet, legs, and lower back. One of the skilled podiatrists at Kenneth Meisler & Associates in New York City can have orthotics custom made for you.

How Foot Orthotics Help

Foot orthotics, also called orthoses, help in several ways. One way they help is by correcting abnormal or irregular step patterns. When the feet and ankles are not aligned correctly when walking, pain can develop in the heels, feet, legs, and knees, as well as the hips and lower back. Orthotics help position the feet and ankles to be in better alignment with one another.

Some foot orthotics also provide increased arch support, which can improve stability, and more cushioning. Orthotics can benefit individuals experiencing a wide range of issues, including arch or heel pain, localized foot pain, and knee or leg pain. Hip pain, back pain, and some types of neck pain can also be improved with the right foot orthotics. Additionally, bunions, hammertoes, and related foot conditions can be treated with orthotics, as well.

Some of the many ways foot orthotics help include:

  • Better arch support
  • Additional cushioning
  • Improved stability and balance
  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Reduced strain on the feet and ankles
  • Improved alignment in the feet and lower extremities

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom orthotics deliver the best results since they are tailored to your unique foot structure. A podiatrist can fit you for the right type of custom foot orthotics. Several types of orthotics are available at our practice in New York City, including rigid, semi-rigid, and soft orthotics. We also offer custom ankle-foot orthotics for patients dealing with chronic ankle instability, arthritis in the ankles, and other ankle or heel-related problems.

One of our experienced podiatrists can recommend a particular type of orthotic to address your specific foot or ankle issues. Rigid foot orthotics address irregular step patterns by correcting foot positioning when walking. Semi-rigid orthotics are beneficial to individuals with flat feet who need more arch support. Soft orthotics provide cushioning and support and are a great choice for patients with foot or ankle arthritis.

There are many reasons why you should try foot orthotics. One of the biggest reasons is to experience relief from pain in the feet, heels, ankles, legs, hips, or lower back. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled podiatrists to discuss your options for custom foot orthotics by calling Kenneth Meisler & Associates in New York City at (212) 628-4444.

By Dr. Kenneth Meisler and Associates
November 26, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Orthotics, also known as orthoses, provide support for the feet, minimize strain on the feet, and can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with certain foot conditions. Another thing to know about orthotics is that they can be custom made to best fit your feet. A better fit means more stability and support. A podiatrist can fit you with the right type of custom orthotic for your needs. The doctors at Kenneth R. Meisler, DPM, & Associates are your podiatrists for custom orthotics in New York City, NY.

Shoe OrthoticsTypes of Orthotics

The purpose of orthotics is to correct step patterns that are irregular or abnormal. Incorrect step patterns put excess strain on the feet, whether standing, walking, or running. The excess strain can cause discomfort, and even pain. Several types of orthotics are available for treating a variety of foot and ankle conditions. A podiatrist for orthotics in New York City can determine which type will best suit your needs. Available types of custom orthotics include:

  • Soft — Soft orthotics provide cushion and support, absorb shock, and alleviate pressure on the balls of the feet. This type is appropriate for patients with diabetes-related foot problems, foot deformities, or arthritis in the feet and ankles.
  • Rigid — Rigid orthotics alleviate pain and discomfort in the legs and lower back by correcting foot positioning when walking or running.
  • Semi-Rigid — Semi-rigid orthotics provide stability by improving foot balance and correcting foot positioning. This type is helpful for athletes, as well as patients with flat feet.

Benefits of Orthotics

Several benefits are associated with orthotics. Benefits include providing cushion and support for the feet, absorbing shock and reducing strain, and protecting the feet. Orthotics also correct foot positioning, provide stability, and minimize or eliminate pain and discomfort. In general, orthotics can make your feet more comfortable throughout the day. Further, custom orthotics maximize the benefits associated with wearing orthotics since they are custom made for a perfect fit.

There are many things you should know about orthotics. The most important thing to know is that they can provide relief from foot pain and discomfort. A podiatrist can identify the best type of orthotic for your foot condition. For custom orthotics in New York City, NY call the podiatry office of Kenneth R. Meisler & Associates at (212) 628-4444.

By Dr. Kenneth Meisler and Associates
February 02, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Most people will experience some degree of foot and ankle pain at some point. Occasional pain and stiffness from uncomfortable shoes orthoticsor physical exertion can be normal. But when pain becomes chronic and persists over time and begins to interfere with regular activities and movement, it can be a sign of an injury or orthopedic problem. In some cases, the natural design of the feet can contribute to alignment problems that put excessive pressure on the heels, ankles, or joints, resulting in inflammation and pain.

Custom Orthotics in New York City, NY

Supportive shoe inserts like custom orthotics are designed to provide adequate arch support and alignment for people with podiatric issues like flat feet (low arches) and pronation problems. There are a number of conditions that can benefit from the use of orthotic devices, with symptoms ranging from mild pain and discomfort, to serious problems with mobility.

Some of the conditions for which orthotics are often prescribed include:

  • Ankle instability
  • Arthritis
  • Neuromuscular atrophy/weakness
  • Tendonitis (heel/ankle)
  • Chronic heel or ankle pain
  • Arch problems/pain

Everyone is susceptible to foot and ankle strain and injuries, but athletes and highly active individuals can be at a higher risk of soft tissue or joint injuries that can lead to chronic pain and inflammation. Wearing appropriate footwear with an adequate level of support helps to protect the feet and ankles from excessive pressure and strain. Orthotics can help to provide an extra level of support for people who are already predisposed to orthopedic injuries due to genetics, activity levels and sports, or a previous injury.

Find a Podiatrist in New York City, NY

For more information about custom orthotics and foot and ankle pain and injury treatment, contact the office of Dr. Kenneth Meisler by calling (212) 628-4444 to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in the New York, NY, area today.

By Dr. Meisler
November 11, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Could custom orthotics greatly improve the health of your feet?

Dealing with sensitive, painful or sore feet? Did you know that your New York City podiatrist could have the answers you’ve been Orthotics looking for to reduce your symptoms? Find out if your feet could find the comfort they need from custom orthotics.

What is the purpose of custom orthotics?

Sure you could buy those over-the-counter shoe inserts at your local drugstore, but as your New York City podiatrist might tell you, this one-size-fits-most approach to foot care isn’t as beneficial as it may seem and could even be harmful for certain foot conditions.

While custom orthotics will cost more, many patients find that just being able to move around more comfortably is well worth it. These shoe inserts are made to fit only your feet and to handle any foot problems you may have or correct any misalignments or abnormalities.

Orthotics can be used to make standing, walking or running easier and more comfortable for your feet. They are used as shock absorbers, to help with balance and to place even amounts of pressure on the feet to reduce the chances of sore spots. Orthotics can even improve flexibility and range-of-motion while reducing common symptoms of foot problems like arthritis.

What are the different kinds of custom orthotics?

When you start shopping around for orthotics in NYC, it may seem rather daunting. Orthotics can be made from a variety of different materials:

Soft orthotics: Usually made from silicone or foam, these customized shoe inserts are particularly helpful for those with foot deformities and arthritis. These orthotics offer more cushioning for the foot to reduce the chance of sore spots.

Semi-rigid orthotics: Soft materials like foam are now reinforced with a more durable material such as leather, rubber or plastic. This is usually the best type of orthotic for athletes.

Rigid orthotics: Typically made from plastic or carbon fiber, these orthotics are most helpful for controlling foot function. They are most often placed in walking or dress shoes. If you experience pain or strains in knees or legs, this could be due to poor foot function. Rigid orthotics can help to correct this imbalance and reduce strain.

Are custom orthotics only meant for athletes or those with active lifestyles?

Even though patients who are physically active will have special needs when it comes to foot care, so do all of our patients. If you are experiencing any kind of imbalance in your feet then orthotics can help. Orthotics can help those with:

  • Frequently sprained ankles
  • Crooked toes
  • Chronic foot, knee, or lower back pain
  • Overpronated feet
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Bunions
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Foot deformities

Want to find out if your NYC foot podiatrist could improve your foot health through custom orthotics? Then call our office to schedule your next visit.

By Dr. Kenneth Meisler
September 15, 2015
Category: Foot Care

From weekend warriors to professional athletes, it is important to take care of your feet to remain fit and active while participating in sports and other recreational activities. With the repeated pounding that runners’ feet receive on paved surfaces, or from the side-to-side motion seen in court sports, there is no question that athletes’ feet and ankles are prime candidates for injuries. It is important to be on the lookout for some of the common problems associated with athletes – from ankle sprains to heel pain. With help from your podiatrist, you can take charge of your feet and avoid the bench.

Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue, called the plantar fascia, which stretches from the base of the toes, across the arch of the foot, to the point at which it inserts into the heel bone. It is also commonly referred to as heel or arch pain. Over-pronation may be a cause of plantar fasciitis. As the foot rolls inward excessively when walking, it flattens your foot, lengthens the arch, and puts added tension on the plantar fascia. Over time, this repetition causes inflammation of your heel and arch. 

Orthotics Provide Comfort and Stability

Your podiatrist offers orthotics to reduce pain and restore proper function to the feet, thus relieving pain. An orthotic device is inserted into the shoe, and is designed to restore and aid the natural foot function. This is achieved by realigning the foot and ankles to their natural position, allowing muscles and joints to move with less stress and tension. 

Many people can benefit from orthotics, including people with jobs that require standing or walking for extended periods of time. Common foot ailments, such as corns, calluses, Morton’s neuroma, flat foot, hammertoe and plantar fasciitis can often be improved with the help of a custom-made shoe insert that fits comfortably into the shoe.  

Orthotic devices allow the bones, tendons and muscles of the feet and lower legs to function at their highest potential. Orthotics can decrease discomfort and improve function, not only in the foot, but also in other parts of the body so that everyday tasks aren’t painful. 

Foot pain is never normal and should not be ignored.  Always visit your podiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Whether you are active in sports or simply want to relieve pain caused by the stresses of everyday tasks, you can benefit from a custom-made orthotic device.  

As an athlete it is important to remain on your feet! With the help of sports podiatry, you can ensure their health.