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General Foot Problems


Dr. Meisler is smart. He's thoughtful. Actually he's amazing. Having gone to him now for a couple of years, I realize that podiatry is something of an art form. Dr. Meisler will ponder how to help - he takes his time figuring out exactly how to help. And he tends to start with the least invasive approach as possible (though he's not afraid of operating; he did so on the daughter of a friend of mine and she emerged great). I used to have such bothersome feet; no longer. Go to this guy. The best.

Susan Williams

Expert, quality care I can't say enough about the expertise and quality of the care that I received at the podiatry office of Dr. Kenneth Meisler. I work as a horseback riding instructor and horse trainer and so my feet are especially important to me. I had heard of Dr. Meisler but didn't want to travel 90 miles to see him. I saw a local doctor; however, the problem never got solved. I decided to travel to Manhattan to see Dr. Meisler. He was non-judgmental, thorough and completely professional. The problem was diagnosed and a plan was made. In three well-spaced appointments my feet were on the mend. I am happy to say that I feel dramatically better and am able to work and ride comfortably. In addition he treated me conservatively when I was afraid I might need surgery. Dr. Meisler's staff is friendly and helpful both on the phone and in person. It is clear from the office atmosphere that they are a harmonious team dedicated to the well-being of the patient. Appointments are made to suit the travel schedule of the client and have always been on time. I have never felt rushed and am always able to discuss with the doctor at length whatever is on my mind. The entire experience was totally positive from beginning to end. The trip to NYC was a small price to pay for the level of competent quality of care that I have received.
Susan Williams.


Best Food Doctor in NYC!!!!!! For years I had issues with my feet, probably from wearing incorrect shoes. Part of the New York lifestyle is walking up hills, walking up multi-steps from subway stations and then returning to those same hills and steps to proceed down. My foot pain had gotten so bad that when I would be in a prone position sans shoes, my feet would hurt me into the night acting upon my sleep. I went to two other food doctors before I got to Dr. Meisler ... and he solved each and every problem and in most cases without any invasive procedures or drugs. He is excellent and I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Happy feet to you all.


It's All About Dr. Meisler For many years, I had great difficulty walking New York City streets due to pain in my feet and legs. I had to take the bus because I could not do the subway steps. I went to several orthopedists and they were not able to help me. Finally, one of them suggested that I see a wonderful podiatrist named Dr. Kenneth Meisler. Dr. Meisler examined my feet and told me, “You need orthotics.” As a young professional woman, I was not happy to hear this. However, now you would have to fight me in order to get my orthotics away from me. Dr. Meisler is an expert at making plaster molds of your feet. He is very patient, answers all your questions, and most important, is highly skilled at this process. I am now able to walk long distances, jog, stand in movie lines, and run up and down the subway steps to work. Dr. Meisler even made me a smaller pair of orthotics that fit into my dress shoes. You will also find his staff to be helpful and efficient. The office and examination rooms are extremely clean. I feel so fortunate to have found him and would like to recommend him to others.


I went to Dr. Meisler back in Aug for a cut on my foot that hadn't healed in 2 years. I cut myself surfing, and since I surf regularly, the cut has never been able to heal. I was figuring I might need some sort of operation. Dr. Meisler was able to heal this wound with some simple, well placed felt pads. I felt I was in very good hands, as Dr. Meisler was super attentive, and at points called in his colleagues to have a look as well. Having 3 specialist looking simultaneously, is a very reassuring feeling. I cannot recommend Dr. Meisler and his office enough!


Dr. Meisler is thorough in his care for his patients. Everything is documented by him or a member of his staff. The most amazing part of my experience is he actually listens to me and I feel that my foot problems are resolved as a result of a collaboration. He has simple techniques that help with discomfort and everything is methodical and not radical. I highly recommend him to anyone with simple or complicated problems.

Athletic Injuries


As a runner for over 28 years who has had various problems including stress fractures, pulled muscles, a daughter with a sprained ankle, I would say that Dr Meisler is one of the top sports medicine doctors in New York. I have been seeing him for over 20 years and he is always very concerned and professional. He consults his colleagues and refers you to PT and specialists who are top quality. He also calls back to check how you are doing. I have been to other sports medicine doctors at HSS but I really think Dr Meisler is the absolute best. He came up with a diagnosis which no one else had thought of and really helped me. I would highly recommend him to those in need.


As a long distance runner for over forty years, I am grateful to Dr. Meisler for his upmost attention in keeping me injury-free. Dr. Meisler has fashioned a pair of running orthotics providing me with both comfort and stability that has kept me running for years on end, mile after mile after mile! Also, his expert advice on choosing the right running shoe has enabled me to pursue my training goals. The office staff is both friendly and accommodating.


keeps my abused feet in wonderful shape. Without his help I would not be able to keep jumping rope or running for exercise


The best foot guy ever After years of competitive running and marathons, I developed chronic pain in both feet. I can't recall how I found Dr. Meisler (it was more than 10 years ago), but he stood out as an expert who sincerely cared about my well being. It turned out that the problem with my feet had nothing to do with running. He identified the problem as metabolic, based on sophisticated diagnostic scans. He was convinced I had rheumatoid arthrities. For several years, the RA factors were not present in my lab work, so the disease couldn't be diagnosed and treated. Dr. Meisler supported me during this time. He totally understood my desire to return to an endurance training routine, and wanted to help me get there. His diligence saved a lot more than my feet. Five years ago, as Dr. Meisler scanned the latest set of xrays, I remember him saying, "This is not from running. This is metabolic. It's getting worse, and if you don't find someone who will diagnose it, you won't be able to walk." I followed his direction, and saw yet another rheumatologist. This time, RA factors showed up, and I was diagnosed and prescribed Enbrel. In about a week or so, the pain in my feet began to subside. It's been five years. I completed three triathlons this summer. I just saw Dr. Meisler last week (and I now live 100 miles away... but it's worth it). He is having a new set of custom orthotics made for me. I would never consider seeing another podiatrist.


As a runner for over 28 years who has had various problems including stress fractures, pulled muscles, a daughter with a sprained ankle, I would say that Dr Meisler is one of the top sports medicine doctors in New York. I have been seeing him for 20 years and he is always very concerned and professional. He consults his colleagues and refers you to PT and specialists who are top quality. He also calls back to see how you are doing. I have been to other sports medicine doctors at HSS but I really think Dr Meisler is the absolute best. He came up with a diagnosis which no one else had thought of that really helped me. I would highly recommend him.

Heel Pain (plantar fascitis and heel spurs)

Lea Myohanen

I first visited Dr.Kenneth Meisler's office 13 years ago when I was dianosed with heel spurs. A few months ago I was experiencing pain again and returned to his care. With the combination of ultrasound pulse therapy and a cortisone injection I am pain free and almost back to my normal excersice level. Dr. Meisler and his associates provide state of the art therapy in a supportive environment. In the past I have recommended Dr. Meisler to family, friends, and coworkers and will do so again!

Foot Surgery


Dr. Meisler is the best! I came to see him for the first time in late April to have him examine my ever-growing bunions (one on each foot, plus a tailor's bunion on my left). He thoroughly examined my condition, offering several non-surgical options as well as laying out the risks and benefits of corrective surgery. He let me make my own decision to undergo surgery—first on the left foot and then (several months later) on the right foot. He was extremely flexible in scheduling the procedures around my schedule. He walked me through the timeline for healing from the procedure and explained how long I would be out of work, how long it would be before I could walk/exercise/wear high heels again, etc. I was nervous about the procedure but he did a great job; I healed faster than expected and have a great range of motion in my big toe joint. In fact, I was so pleased with my left foot that I actually looked forward to getting the right foot done. Now, having been through two procedures, I am bunion-free, pain-free, and extremely satisfied.


Dr. Meisler and his associates are the most wonderful podiatrists in all of NYC and I should know. I spent almost 2 years in constant pain searching for a doctor who could help me. I saw 4 other podiatrists who did nothing to alleviate my suffering. When I first came to Dr. Meislers office, he asked Dr. Wendelken to perform a sonogram of my foot. Immediately, he found the nature of my problem using his in office equipment. Dr. Meisler operated on my foot 3 weeks ago and removed a Mortons Neuroma that had been causing all my discomfort. Dr. Minacapilli assisted in the surgery and has since done the after care, providing compassionate and thorough treatment. It is incredible that I had to endure so much before finding this podiatry practice. I highly recommend Dr. Meisler as a skilled podiatric surgeon, as well as the talented, competent and compassionate group of associates in his office.

Stress Fracture

Dr. Meisler is a true professional who consults his fellow podiatrists in the office to make sure his patients are fully taken care of. Also, so much of what he needs is done in office x-rays, scans, ultra sounds, etc. I had a neuroma removed and have been back with a stress fracture amongst other ailments. He continues to fully investigate the previous conditions and treat the new ailments. I recommend him and his associates to anyone in need.


Dr. Kenneth Meisler is a god send when it comes to the feet. I have been going to Dr. Meisler for many years due to a lot of wear and tear on my feet always with positive results. The most challanging scenario was when I got a stress fracture in a complicated spot and there was a good chance that arthritis would set in if the fracture did not heal properly. Due to his expertise and utmost care he healed me without any complications I am most greatful to that. His office is busy yet very efficient. Even when the doctor has been fully booked they will find a way to accomodate my work schedule and fit me in. I would absolutely reccommend him to anyone based on the fact that I have always had such good results and pleasant experiece. My feet are most important and he certainly has done a great job on taking care of my ailments.

Wart Treatments

M. Listoken - Patient Letter (click image to see letter)

Patient Letter


Dr. Meisler gave my foot back! I had a really bad wart for 5 years. Went to 3 different doctors and non of them was able to cure me. One of them even made it worse. After see doctor Meisler, I saw the difference in 3 sessions. He is a wonderful and a great great doctor. He has a lot of patience, and knowledge.


Dr. Meisler is great!! I had plantar warts that were being treated by another Podiatrist for over a year without good results, but .Dr. Meisler has been able to get rid of them in a couple of visits. The other Dr. was using the same technique,but I had to go to surgery center for the laser treatments which was expensive and very time consuming. Dr. Meisler has the laser at his office so I could get the treatment at no extra cost and more often. His schedule is very flexible, I am able to see him before work and still get to work on time and his staff is very friendly and helpful. BTW, I went to him because of his good reviews online : )


Dr. Meisler is a talented and patient physician. I had an aggravating plantar wart on my heel for about 7 years. I had been to several dermatologists who couldn't do much for me. Thankfully one referred me to Dr. Meisler who, using a laser treatment, cured me within several sessions. I still can't believe it. His office is clean and well run office with friendly, competent staff. Thanks a million Dr. Meisler!


BEST FOOT DOCTOR EVER! This is the only foot doctor you'll want to see. Don't waste your time with any other podiatrist - go straight to Dr. Meisler. My experience was terrific! I was being treated for a cluster of plantar warts rather unsuccessfully when I heard about Dr. Meisler. With his expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, it only took several visits to correct the problem. Before this I was in a lot of pain with a ton of visits to my old doctor and relatively no progress was being made. Using laser treatments, it took only about 4 visits and I had only minor discomfort following the procedure. Kind and knowledgeable, he is, without a doubt, The BEST!


AMAZING DOCTOR Dr. Meisler is the only doctor who could remove my huge plantar warts on my feet. I strongly recommend to see Dr. Meisler before you go to see any other doctors. I used to see other doctors for 2 years before I met Dr. Meisler, and the treatments they did made the warts bigger and worse. At the beginning, I had only 1 wart for 3yrs before I saw any doctors, but during the 2yrs treatments with other doctors, 7 new small warts showed up on my feet, and some of them got together and became huge warts. The other doctors tried to freeze the warts off, or burn them off, but just creating more warts and making them bigger, and keep saying that they could remove the warts in a few months.... Those were horrible & very painful treatment experience I had for 2 years. After Dr. Meisler treated the huge warts 3 times, it was obvious that the warts were getting small. Now, all of my warts are completely gone. I REALLY REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE what he did for me. He is the only doctor who could help me. Thank you very much Dr. Meisler


This is THE BEST foot doctor around and I speak from experience. I tried 5 different foot doctors in New York City and elsewhere over the course of 5 years for a planar wart problem (a mosaic wart on my heel). Dr Meisler was my sixth doctor. Not only was he able to resolve this longstanding, painful issue, but he was also reliable, patient and pleasant. At the beginning of treatment he gave me an estimate for the number of sessions we would have to meet that turned out to be very accurate. He also took time to answer all my questions. This is an exceptional doctor who takes excellent care of his patients and I could not recommend him more highly!


Dr. Meisler has treated a "family" of warts on left foot with attention and care as well as advanced techniques rarely afforded such a mundane condition!
I have sent two of my pilates clients to him for bunion surgery, and they were absolutely delighted with the results.
As Dr. Meisler is a former NYC Marathon runner, avid horseman and golfer, I am delighted that he understands the specific mindset of an a true athlete as well as the "weekend warrior."

Celebrity Patients

Jeff Spear

Jeff Spear 

2012 Olympic Team Alternate, London

To Dr. MeislerFor getting my broken foot back on the Piste 

in just a few short weeks!

Thank You!

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

To Dr. MeislerYour staff has been wonderful. The treatment I received was fabulous.

best wishes

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson

To Dr. Meisler & Staff" as I tiptoe through the jungle..."

David Dinkins

David Dinkins

Dear Dr. MeislerI write to let you know how much I have appreciated your expert and professional care and enjoyed your acquaintance. When I came to you, I could hardly walk - yet I was looking to get back on the tennis court as soon as possible. I had heard from my assistant that you were an expert at keeping athletes going, and I was not in the least disappointed. You not only treated my conditions quickly and carefully, alleviating the pain, but also enabled me to continue to play, almost at the level which I had attained when I lost to Borg in the quarterfinals of the French Open. And it was a pleasure to play doubles with Skip Hartman against you and Abe Rezny - let me know if you want a rematch! I will always be grateful for the attention and care you offered me. I commend you on a excellent, professional and compassionate staff, and I look forward to seeing you - only on the courts - in the future.


David Dinkins 

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

To Dr. MeislerWith gratitude for helping for helping friends!

Gloria Steinem

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was a patient in our old office.

Paul Howard

Paul Howard

For Dr. Meisler

The best "Foot Man".

best from Paul

Son of "Moe"